et al.


The group show at Nirox Projects, et at. feels a bit like its title implies, the ‘and others’ to some not present other thing. The exhibition incorporates works from a range of mediums, including painting, print, sculpture and installation. Each artist’s work tries hard to be the centre of attention, but none is afforded this privilege. But perhaps this is an achievement on the part of the curators, particularly for a group show including both emerging and established artists.

If the show feels a little bit bitty, it simultaneously feels quite playful. There’s an abundance of colour across the different works, and unexpected dialogues are struck up within the mix-match cohesion.  In the back corner, Niall Bingham’s linocut, Underdog, and Maaike Bakker’s —-/—– chain installation create an awkward little scene, laden with sexual innuendo. Quinten Edward Williams’ large coloured canvases become a background to Bret Murray’s Praise Singer figure, and Tamara Osso’s Artist vs Artist vinyl print on glass sets off Christian Nerf’s stark …Working with Douglas… print and geometric Greenhouse structure. These little dynamics work well, and tie together the actually quite disparate parts.


Craig (Actually) Smith


Craig (Actually) Smith


Niall Bingham (collaborative work with MJ Turpin)


Bret Murray and Quinten Edward Williams


Christian Nerf


Maaike Bakker



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