Starting at the beginning

For the last two years I’ve been a passive participant in the arts world, participating mostly in drinking free wine. Then at Art Fair the other week, I noticed something, and it’s been niggling at me since: There is a resounding lack of arts writing, commentary and coverage, especially for Joburg-based artists,which is actually just too pathetic to ignore. Most of what is published is Cape Town biased, and is often just self-appreciating sycophancy posing as arts criticism and doing nothing more than perpetuate the arts’ perceived snootiness and inaccessibility. This is counter to everything that the arts should be about: art is for everyone to enjoy. The arts desperately need different and more diverse representation, which is inviting rather than exclusionary, personal rather than academic, and which is representative rather than exclusive. And all this is why I’ve decided to get off my arse and start writing about art.

More to follow.


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